Are you doing everything you can to secure a future of
luxury, happiness, and fulfillment?

Is your financial house in order?
Do you feel successful?
Do you live a life of happiness and fulfillment?
Do you own the house of your dreams?
Does your family have everything they need?
Is your financial future secure?
Do you have a plan for your future?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions?
Sadly, most people cannot answer "yes" to any of these questions. And unless you answered "yes" to all of the questions, there is work to be done, and room to improve.

It is time to be honest about where you are, and more importantly, where you are heading. Bring your reality into focus. If you have not developed a financial plan for your family and your future, then your reality of today is the reality of your future.

You are being introduced to a business opportunity like no other!

A business with high profit margins, and a system that anyone can duplicate. Take advantage of our mentor and training program that will enable you to follow in the tracks of the truly successful.

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Your past is behind you…your future lies ahead. If your future is going to be different than your past, then you need to arm yourself with knowledge.

Put yourself on a path to greatness. Prepare to get your financial and personal health in order. Financial success requires a plan, so start planning for your future today!

Eliminate your debt
Reduce your taxes
Increase your cash flow
Protect your assets
Establish solid financial planning
Plan your legacy
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Wealth is more than just the money that you earn. It is also what you learn.

Your path to success is only blocked by doing nothing.

Wealth accumulation doesn’t just happen. It takes knowledge and action. But, without knowledge, you cannot take the right action.

Let the wealthy and successful people teach you what they know so you can do what they do. You will gain access to some of the most successful wealth and personal development experts, as well as an amazing amount of information and resources that will help you pave your path to success.

Our innovative products and real life solutions provide you with the opportunity for a truly successful future.

Combine our outstanding products with a unparalleled business opportunity geared towards generating unlimited prosperity.


One of a kind compensation plan
World class products & services
No Inventory to Stock
Low Start-Up Costs
Multiple Streams of Income
Huge Market Potential
Truly unlimited income potential
No Chasing Friends and Family
Residual Income
No Employees
Portable/Flexible Business
Ongoing Support and Training
Your Own Consultant Mentor
100% Money-Back Guarantee

Hello Friend,

As I write this I’m very excited to be packing for 10 awesome days in Jamaica! My business takes me (tax free) to beautiful locales all over the world, and I do love to travel! In fact, I can manage all my affairs in just a few hours per week from anywhere in the world (so long as I have my trusty laptop and cell phone). And if I want to stay home, I can do that too. Now that’s freedom!

And I’m so grateful that I get to live where most people can only go when they’re on vacation! This business provides me with the most amazing lifestyle in a beautiful mountain resort community. My whole life feels like one big, wonderful vacation! And yours can too!

I’ve been in business over 40 years, and in this particular industry over 25 years. As a best-selling author of business and success books my MAIN goal in life is to help OTHERS become financially independent. Sure, I’ve made multiple millions of dollars, but what’s more important is that I’ve ALREADY helped hundreds of people to DUPLICATE my success! I’ve got to tell you that what you are seeing here is PERFECT for our current economic environment, and business is BOOMING! Even newbies can make as much as $3-5k as early as their second week! It is truly the EASIEST money I have EVER made… and I expect to be hearing those words from your mouth very soon, too.

Seriously, with our money-back guarantee, everyone should be scrambling to see why I am so passionate about this. My advice to anyone who will listen, is “don’t let this pass you by!” This is the opportunity of a lifetime!

I’m really excited for you because I know that an absolute lifestyle transformation is in store for you very soon! And I look forward to personally visiting with you about your goals and dreams… and how, together, we can make them manifest!

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Better and Better… Easier and Easier!

Bill Way, CEO
Live Free International LLC


Join people who have decided to learn what it takes to dramatically change their lives!
Take advantage of an education you were never given in school… a financial education that will give you
what you need to live the life you want for you and your family.
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